Jade Gem Elixir

AlchemiaNova Gem Elixir of Jade in Homeopathic Potency 1X

Package size: ¼ oz. or 7.5mL,
25% alcohol v/v.

Price: $ 35.00

AlchemiaNova Jade Elixir

Key Indications:

For Personal Transformation: Jade encourages self-realization. It strengthens our spirit, allows us to step back, observe our lives from a detached viewpoint and act spontaneously, expressing wisdom. Jade is for longevity.

For Medicinal Purposes: Jade restores the proper functioning of the kidneys, helps expel uric acid, dissolve kidney stones and reduce kidney infections. Jade soothes and strengthens the adrenal glands, which makes Jade a particularly important preparation in our times of stressful living.

The Gemstone Jade

Jade is a particularly tough, green stone that has a long history of being used for amulets, talismans and jewelry, particularly in China and East Asia. It is a sodium-aluminum-silicate. In the past, the term jade was used to designate jadeite as well as nephrite, the latter being a different stone, containing magnesium and calcium. For our Gem Elixir of Jade we use true jadeite from Wyoming.

Manufacture and Specifications of our Gem Elixir of Jade

We first turn the gemstone into nanometer-sized clusters. Clear quartz nano-clusters are added as amplifiers. These clusters are then dissolved into a vegetable-derived solvent that has been imbued with the spiritus mundi and are extracted by circulation for six weeks in an incubator. This is the traditional method of Western Alchemy to produce elixirs as practiced by the Cathars and the Dutch School. This elixir is then pH-adjusted and treated with cold plasma technology for further enhancement, which yields our Mother Tincture. One part of this Mother Tincture is diluted with nine parts of alcohol and water and is succused (vigorously shaken) to produce the Homeopathic Potency 1X. Our formula is alcohol reduced, with only 25% alcohol by volume, and is manufactured in accordance with the Homoeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States in its current edition. Due to the high concentration of our Mother Tincture, the Homeopathic Potency 1X carries more Jade nano-clusters than it may hold in solution; an edible precipitate of organically bonded Jade nano-clusters may form over time. We suggest shaking the preparation once before taking.


Use as directed by your health care professional. Standard Dosage recommendation for adults: Seven drops per day under the tongue or in 1 oz of water between meals for one week. Reduce to 3-4 drops per day from week two onwards. In acute cases, up to ten drops several times per day or until symptoms disappear.

Discussion of Usage and Properties

Our gem elixir of Jade is designed to interact directly with your energy body or astral body. The effect is immediate, as can be demonstrated by the instant change of brain wave patterns once the elixir is taken.[1]

Typical applications as per our in-house provings are:

Our provings have brought forth two main focal points of Jade. The first one, and by far the most important in our perception, is the strengthening of shen or the spirit-being itself, to use the terminology of Taoist schools. This activity of Jade can be felt by sensitive persons as an activity about an inch behind the spot between the eyebrows, the classic location of shen given in Taoist texts. A deeper sense of being at peace, more vivid dreams and the arrival at answers to hitherto seemingly too complex life situations have been reported.

The second focal point of Jade is the kidneys, the balancing of the ‘water element’ in our body, and the strengthening of the adrenals. Jade is considered to be ruled by Pisces, and as such, it is not a surprise that a balancing effect on all water-element related problems and emotions is to be expected, including a reduction of moodiness in those with such a tendency. 

Select References to other Gem Healers’ Findings on Jade

Please note: We may omit those findings of other Healers that would be a reiteration of indications given above. This section is intended to provide a glance at several additional applications that other Healers have found in their practice; for a complete overview, we encourage you to peruse the referenced books.

In Taoist Alchemy, preparations of Jade are believed to bestow immortality: “The life of the man taking Mysterious-and-True will never culminate. Mysterious-and-True is a synonym for jade.” (Ko Hung, and Ware, James R. [translator]: Alchemy, Medicine and Religion in the China of A.D. 320: The Nei P’ien of Ko Hung, Cambridge, Massachusetts 1966, The M.I.T. Press, p.188) 

“As for jade, this stone symbolizes serenity and meditation. (…) Jade will help any work with the dying, thanks to its quality of eternity (…)”, writes the Native American Healer Luc Bourgault. (Bourgault, Luc Blue Eagle: American Indian Secrets of Crystal Healing, Cippenham, England 1997, quantum, p.60)

“Jade enlivens inner images and dreams and awakens hidden inner knowledge. It creates a balance: activity for laziness, calm for irritability.” writes Michael Gienger: (Gienger, Michael: Crystal Power, Crystal Healing, London 2002, Cassell & Co., p.298)

Michel Dogna and Marie-Joelle Kraffe write that Jade ‘re-launches the parasympathetic system’ and stimulates the elimination of uric acid. They propose that Jade is indicated in cases of cystitis, diverticulitis and osteoarthritis of the knees.  (Dogna, Michel and Kraffe, Marie-Joelle: Elixirs mineraux et Huiles dynamisees, Paris 1988, Guy Tredaniel, p.185)

[1] This statement can be verified in any doctor’s office that is equipped with an electroencephalograph

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