Information for Healthcare Professionals by AlchemiaNova

Information for Healthcare Professionals

Alchemical products are traditionally seen as the capstone of the natural healing arts. As such, they may make the decisive difference in your therapy plans. We claim that our Alchemical Gem Elixirs interact directly with your patient’s mind, on a nonphysical level. This interaction is immediate, and can be proven indirectly by observing the instant change in brain wave patterns as shown on an EEG, as the gem elixir is taken. 

This fact distinguishes alchemical remedies from all other remedies that are currently available. As such, we offer a unique and exciting new line of remedies for your practice that allows you to expect immediate, consistent and reproducible results.  

The fact that all true alchemical remedies are so far outside the range of usual food supplements, standard homeopathic and allopathic medicines is partly attributable to the genesis of alchemical remedies in general and, in the case of our remedies, to the underlying philosophy of our house in particular: 

Our primary intent when manufacturing Alchemical Elixirs and Noble Gas Waters is to make them available for their transformational properties. Traditional Western alchemy is geared towards producing inner results quickly and painlessly by taking alchemically made substances, while Eastern meditation techniques require a comparably tedious, often painfully slow approach. The medicinal properties of alchemical substances are traditionally seen only as a side benefit to their transformational qualities. We adhere to this concept, but attempt to indicate the known medicinal effects of our Alchemical Gem Elixirs clearly and in everyday language in our Alchemical Pharmacopoeia reproduced on this Web site. 

When manufacturing our Alchemical Gem Elixirs and Noble Gas Waters, we meet or exceed the standards of Good Manufacturing Practices. Our Alchemical Gem Elixirs are offered in Homeopathic Potency 1X and meet the regulatory standards and requirements of The Homoeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States (HPUS) in its current edition.    

Our remedies’ efficacy is not diminished by aromatics such as peppermint or camphor, nor do coffee or caffeinated beverages diminish it significantly. 

At the recommended dosage levels, our remedies have proven themselves to be safe and effective. In acute cases, multiple dosages of the recommended daily dosage may be administered in succession, until symptoms diminish.  

Each one of our remedies can be combined with each other remedy manufactured by us, and may also enhance the effects of herbal or nutritional remedies.      

A word of warning: Our gem elixirs may enhance the effects of some allopathic drugs, but they may also interfere with or counteract or cancel out the effects of such drugs. We have not collected data on drug interactions of our remedies with the countless allopathic drugs on the market and do not intend to do so in the future. We strongly recommend not administering alchemical remedies together with allopathic drugs. 

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