AlchemiaNova is today’s leading research-driven manufacturer of alchemical products. AlchemiaNova discovers, develops, manufactures and markets alchemical medicines and food substances to substantially improve the quality of human life.

Our ongoing research can be categorized into three groups:

Our in-house research and development laboratories. This is the exciting place where we research and develop new products. Classic alchemical medicines, monoatomic elements as sacramental material, stable aqueous solutions of physiologically available noble gases are highlights among the wide range of developments so far. Our R&D labs are also the place where we conduct our in-house testing: In contrast to manufacturers of allopathic medicines, we do not test our products on animals, but on ourselves. This assures that we know every product we release to be both safe and effective. It is our policy not to discuss the specifics of our currently ongoing in-house research with anyone outside of AlchemiaNova.

Provings. Once new products have been developed and have passed our in-house testing, they are ready to be examined by our volunteer testers. In the case of alchemical gem elixirs in homeopathic form, this evaluation process by volunteer testers is done in alignment with classical concepts in homeopathy: Gem elixirs are submitted to a procedure called "provings". For these provings, we rely upon the participation of volunteer testers who fulfill the following criteria: They are healthy adult persons in the greater Olympia, Washington area who declare not to be currently taking any allopathic drugs and who declare not to have any addictions to street drugs. For the proving per se, a tester is asked to take the submitted gem elixir daily for a period of three weeks and report his or her relevant observations on a report card. The sum total of observations of our volunteers thus collected allows us to gain a better understanding of the scope of a particular gem elixir, and the results of the proving form an important basis for formulating the entry of the particular gem elixir in our Alchemical Pharmacopoeia. For the testers, provings tend to be fun and exciting, and the gatherings at the end of a three-week period are usually filled with exhilaration and resemble more a party than anything else. If you think you qualify as a volunteer tester, and if you are interested in participating in one of the future provings we will conduct, feel free to contact us at

 Clinical Research. We support independent, qualified research into our products. If you intend to conduct a study in a clinical setting, feel free to contact us at