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Alchemical Gem Elixirs

All Gem Elixirs are offered in homeopathic potency 1X and are in liquid form.The base is alcohol reduced to 25% v/v. Size per package: ¼ oz. or 7.5mL. One bottle contains about 300 drops and lasts for approximately three months at the suggested dosage level of three to four drops per day.

Single Gem Elixirs
Alcoholism, hypoglycemia, unwanted habits. Alleviates migraine headaches, for detoxifying the body. For spider bites.
Assists in keeping a cool, neutral attitude and lets us confront difficult situations with ease. It helps with overcoming nervousness and irritability.
Infections, Inflammation
Diamond, white
For mental clarity, tumors, brain tumors, high blood pressure, complexion.
Master Healer 
For a calm mind and balanced nervous system. Stimulates the liver, detoxifies the body, alleviates back pain.
Master Balancer
Counteracts exhaustion and fatigue. It induces vivid dreams, sometimes even prophetic dreams.
Blood-related disorders,immune stimulant
Function of the kidneys, kidney stones, kidney infections. Soothes the adrenal glands, for longevity.
Kidneys, Balance of ‘Water Element", Adrenals
Lapis Lazuli (Lazurite)
Regenerates the thyroid gland, for hypothyroidism, irritations of the vocal chords, coughs and sore throat. Reduces high blood pressure, balances hormones.
A natural alternative to allopathic antidepressants without their side effects.
Depression, nerve pain, sciatica
Traditionally associated with Venus, and is a stone of sensuality, enhanced imagination and the ability to express feelings more freely.
Tissue regeneration, reduces acidification
For digestive health, reduces pain and inflammation. Awakens psychic abilities, helps overcome obsession.
Mental clarity, digestion
Pearl, white, fresh water
Acne in teenagers, emotional intelligence and emotional health, alleviates nervous stomach, for digestive health, complexion.
Feminine qualities, Complexion 
For the release of stored emotions, such as anger, fear or obsessions.
Liver cleanser, emotional cleanse
Master Gem for the Heart Antidote for a broken heart, for any type of heart disease, chest pain. Ruby is warming, energizing, for digestive health.
Master Gem for the Heart
Sapphire, blue
For accessing deep levels of mind. Improves eyesight, reduces fevers. Improves sleep.
Master Gem for Inner Peace 
House Specialties
(Single Elixirs)
Monoatomic Gold
Psychic ability, mind expansion, strengthens the heart. Increases hormone production, is a rejuvenating agent.
Mind Expansion
Slows down the flow of time, induces altered states of consciousness. For life extension. Aphrodisiac.
Ayurvedic Panacea
Energizes and warms the third eye and upper tan tien. It enables the recognition and change of unwanted thought patterns and strengthens one's willpower.
Mental fatigue, low energy
Gem Elixir Combinations
Inanna’s Weight Management
Removes emotional and mental causes of over-eating and obesity; induces metabolic increase in the rate of burning fat.
The Body of the Goddess
Lovers’ Rocks
For developing multiple full body orgasms, an Aphrodisiac for both genders.
The Ultimate Love Potion
Rejuvenation Formula
More than a non-surgical facelift, this formula induces lasting rejuvenation of the body, mind and spirit.
Restoration for Body, Mind and Spirit
Noble Gas Waters
(Single Noble Gas Waters)
Xenon Water
The rare noble gas Xenon, made physiologically available as a stable solution in water.
Heaven to Earth Chi Enhancer
Krypton Water
The rare noble gas Krypton, made physiologically available as a stable solution in water.
Mind Expanding Lightness
All Noble Gas Waters are offered in amber glass bottles, size 16 oz. or 473ml. One bottle lasts for approximately one month when using the suggested serving size of 1 tablespoon per day.
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