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Alchemical products are traditionally seen as the capstone of the natural healing arts. Fast acting and reliably producing results, they may be the most exciting new product line you can carry for your customers. 

We adhere to the concept of making the exact same information available to healthcare professionals, pharmacists, health food storeowners and end users. This open information policy not only saves you time when working with your customers; it empowers your customers to make their own decisions and become more involved in and causative over their own treatment. For this purpose, we attempt to indicate the known medicinal effects of our Alchemical Gem Elixirs clearly and in everyday language in our Alchemical Pharmacopoeia reproduced on this Web site

When manufacturing our Alchemical Gem Elixirs and Noble Gas Waters, we meet or exceed the standards of Good Manufacturing Practices. Our Alchemical Gem Elixirs are offered in Homeopathic Potency 1X and meet the regulatory standards and requirements of The Homoeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States (HPUS) in its current edition.     

Our remedies’ efficacy is not diminished by aromatics such as peppermint or camphor, nor do coffee or caffeinated beverages diminish it significantly.    

At the recommended dosage levels, our remedies have proven themselves to be safe and effective. In acute cases, multiple dosages of the recommended daily dosage may be administered in succession until symptoms diminish.  

Each one of our remedies can be combined with each other remedy manufactured by us, and may also enhance the effects of herbal or nutritional remedies. 

A word of caution: Our gem elixirs may enhance the effects of some allopathic drugs, but they may also interfere with or counteract or cancel out the effects of such drugs. We have not collected data on drug interactions of our remedies with the countless allopathic drugs on the market and do not intend to do so in the future. We strongly recommend informing your customers about the potentiality of unknown effects when taking alchemical remedies together with allopathic drugs.  

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