Information for Customers and Patients by AlchemiaNova

Information for Customers and Patients

Information for Patients

Information for Customers

Our primary intent when manufacturing Alchemical Elixirs and Noble Gas
Waters is to make them available for their transformational properties.
Traditional Western alchemy is geared toward producing inner results quickly
and painlessly by taking alchemically made substances, while Eastern
meditation techniques require a comparably tedious, often painfully slow,
approach. Many who engage in spiritual disciplines have discovered the
assistance our elixirs can offer, and we are particularly happy to work
with the growing group of our customers who are dedicated to improving
themselves in order to become better human beings and thus make this world a
better place. It is primarily for you and because of you that this Web site
exists, and we hope that the Alchemical Pharmacopoeia supplied here does
help in making informed choices.

The medicinal properties of alchemical substances are traditionally seen
only as a side benefit to their transformational qualities. We adhere to
this concept, but attempt to indicate the known medicinal effects of our
Alchemical Gem Elixirs clearly and in everyday language in our Alchemical

When manufacturing our Alchemical Gem Elixirs and Noble Gas Waters, we
meet or exceed the standards of good manufacturing practices. Our
Alchemical Gem Elixirs are offered in Homeopathic Potency 1X and meet the regulatory standards and requirements of The Homoeopathic Pharmacopoeia
of the United States in its current edition.

Current regulations allow you to choose homeopathic remedies in low
potencies, which are defined as over-the-counter medicines, for
self-medication. Our Alchemical Gem Elixirs in Homeopathic Potency 1X fall
in this category and can therefore be purchased and used without
prescription, thus becoming part of your "home remedy kit." If you use one
or several of our Gem Elixirs for the purpose of self-medication based upon
the indications in our Alchemical Pharmacopoeia, and if symptoms persist,
we strongly recommend that you consult with your healthcare professional.

Information for Patients

If you are the patient of a health care professional who incorporates our
products in his or her therapy plan for you, this Web site may provide
further general information on the properties of the products used. Each
product is described in everyday language in our Alchemical Pharmacopoeia
for further reference. Alchemical products are traditionally seen as the
capstone of the natural healing arts. As such, they may make the decisive
difference in your therapy. Any therapy, however, is based on the personal
interaction between you and your healthcare professional: Success is
determined by the skills and experience of your healthcare professional,
but even more so by your own willingness to take responsibility for your
own case and implement the needed changes. Medicines are tools only. This
Web site is intended to allow you to better understand the tools we provide,
but it cannot replace professional, experienced healthcare in action.
Healthcare is an art, and it may therefore be that your healthcare
professional has chosen to utilize an alchemical gem elixir in a context
other than those listed in our pharmacopoeia, based upon his or her
expertise. We want to remind you that this is, after all, what you pay your
healthcare professional for, and that our Web site can only provide general
information, but never a specific, personalized diagnosis plus therapy

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