Meteorite Gem Elixir

AlchemiaNova Gem Elixir of Meteorite in Homeopathic Potency 1X

Package size: ¼ oz. or 7.5mL,
25% alcohol v/v.

Price: $ 60.00

AlchemiaNova Meteorite Gem Elixir

Genesis of this out-of-this-world Elixir of Meteorite

A journalist friend made us aware of Kosta Danaos’ book The Magus of Java[1]a personal account of the Greek Martial Artist’s journey of finding and studying under a Chinese Taoist master on the island of Java. A chapter of this book is dedicated to telling the story of the authentic Javanese Keris, a particular bladed weapon that many Javanese consider to be magical. Kosta delights the reader with his first-person narrative of a demonstration of spinning and moving kerises he witnesses. In Kosta’s sequel to The Magus of Java, his teacher explains: “a real keris must be forged from a meteorite!”[2] In response to Kosta’s question why this is so, the Sifu explains: “Because only a meteorite can contain the yin energy of the talisman. Any keris that truly has power has been forged from a stone that has fallen from the sky.” We were, of course, intrigued. If this explanation holds true, we should get some highly unique performance from an elixir made of such an iron-nickel meteorite as is used for forging a keris! And so we set out to acquire a meteorite from a private collection, only to dissolve the beauty in sulfuric acid…and to produce one of the most remarkable elixirs we’ve ever made.

Key Indications:

For Personal Transformation: Meteorite energizes and warms the third eye and upper tan tien. It enables the recognition and change of unwanted thought patterns and strengthens one's willpower.

For Medicinal Purposes: Meteorite affects particularly the brain and the hypothalamus, assisting in overcoming mental fatigue. Meteorite has a relaxing effect on tension or cramps of the digestive system and to a lesser degree of muscle tissue while at the same time it is highly energizing. Meteorite is a choice preparation for those athletes who want simultaneously alertness, relaxedness and a toned and primed-for-action mind and body.

The Meteorite used

Meteorites are a large group of various rocks or metallic alloys of extraterrestrial origin. For our Elixir of Meteorite we use an iron-nickel Meteorite from the Campo del Cielo site in Gancedo, Chaco, Argentina. This Meteorite, when cut and etched, displays the typical Widmanstätten structure of crystallization, which only meteorites and no terrestrial iron-nickel alloys exhibit.

Manufacture and Specifications of our Gem Elixir of Meteorite

We first dissolve the meteorite in concentrated sulfuric acid, precipitate it out of solution and convert it into nanometer-sized clusters. Clear quartz nano-clusters are added as amplifiers. These clusters are then dissolved into a vegetable-derived solvent that has been imbued with the spiritus mundi and are extracted by circulation for six weeks in an incubator. This is the traditional method of Western Alchemy to produce elixirs as practiced by the Cathars and the Dutch School. This elixir is then pH-adjusted and treated with cold plasma technology for further enhancement, which yields our Mother Tincture. One part of this Mother Tincture is diluted with nine parts of alcohol and water and is succused (vigorously shaken) to produce the Homeopathic Potency 1X. Our formula is alcohol reduced, with only 25% alcohol by volume, and is manufactured in accordance with the Homoeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States in its current edition. Due to the high concentration of our Mother Tincture, the Homeopathic Potency 1X carries more Meteorite nano-clusters than it may hold in solution; an edible precipitate of organically bonded Meteorite nano-clusters may form over time. We suggest shaking the preparation once before taking.


Use as directed by your health care professional. Standard Dosage recommendation for adults: Seven drops per day under the tongue or in 1 oz of water between meals for one week. Reduce to 3-4 drops per day from week two onwards. In acute cases, up to ten drops several times per day or until symptoms disappear.

Discussion of Usage and Properties

Our Elixir of Meteorite is designed to interact directly with your energy body or astral body. The effect is immediate, as can be demonstrated by the instant change of brain wave patterns once the elixir is taken.[3]

Typical applications as per our in-house provings are:

This elixir turns out to be one of the most potent ones in our repertoire. We find it to be very energizing, while at the same time it is relaxing. A perceptible interaction of this elixir with the third eye or upper tan tien produces mental alertness, enhancing the ability to concentrate and stay focused for extended periods of time. Some of our testers reported they perceive this elixir to be working on the hypothalamus, inducing higher states of consciousness, possibly allowing dormant sequences of our DNA to become activated.

On a physical level, the elixir of meteorite induces relaxation while at the same time enhancing tonus and strength. This is an ideal elixir for all athletes as well as for those who engage in strenuous mental work.

Meteorite proved helpful with a radiation detoxification program.

Select References to other Gem Healers’ Findings on Meteorite

Please note: We may omit those findings of other Healers that would be a reiteration of indications given above. This section is intended to provide a glance at several additional applications that other Healers have found in their practice; for a complete overview, we encourage you to peruse the referenced books.

Michael Gienger suggests that Meteorites always carry with them a 'cosmic surprise'. They may release deeply seated impressions that may challenge hitherto held beliefs. Meteorites help to reduce nervousness, cramps and tension. (Gienger, Michael: Lexikon der Heilsteine, Saarbrücken, Germany 2000, Neue Erde, p.307)

Melody writes "the meteorite can be used for balancing and aligning the bodies, within themselves, and to synthesize the alignment between the bodies. It enhances communication on this plane and can provide information, stored within, concerning other-worldly aspects relevant to one's needs." (Melody: Love is in the EarthA Kaleidoscope of Crystals, Colorado 1999, Earth-Love Publishing, p.404)

Marguerite Elsbeth reminds us "Meteorites were worshipped by primitive peoples all over the world, because the falling chunks of stone appeared to them as fire from the sky. Pieces of meteoric iron, or any part of the meteor, were often said to be the Hammer of the Thunder God or a manifestation of the power of lightning." (Elsbeth, Marguerite: Crystal Medicine, St. Paul, Minnesota 2000, Llewellyn, p.28f)

[1] Danaos, Kosta: The Magus of Java – Teachings of an Authentic Taoist Immortal, Rochester, Vermont 2000, Inner Traditions

[2] Danaos, Kosta: Nei Kung – The Secret Teachings of the Warrior Sages, Rochester, Vermont 2002, Inner Traditions, page 46

[3] This statement can be verified in any doctor’s office that is equipped with an electroencephalograph

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