Peridot Gem Elixir

AlchemiaNova Gem Elixir of Peridot in Homeopathic Potency 1X

Package size: ¼ oz. or 7.5mL,
25% alcohol v/v.

Price: $ 38.00

AlchemiaNova Gem Elixir of Peridot

Key Indications:

For Personal Transformation: The Gem Elixir of Peridot is indicated for the release of stored emotions, such as anger, fear or obsessions. Caution: Taking large doses of this elixir may induce emotional outbursts.

For Medicinal Purposes:  Peridot has a strong stimulating effect upon the liver and gallbladder and is a potent cleanser.

The Gemstone Peridot

Peridot, or Olivine, is an olive green to yellowish green gemstone, an iron-magnesium silicate found in volcanic rocks. Peridot is used for jewelry since ancient Egyptian times. In medieval times this stone was used to ward off evil spirits and bestow wisdom and friendship. We use Peridot from Arizona for manufacturing our Gem Elixir of Peridot.

Manufacture and Specifications of our Gem Elixir of Peridot

We first turn the gemstone into nanometer-sized clusters. These clusters are then dissolved into a vegetable-derived solvent that has been imbued with the spiritus mundi and are extracted by circulation for six weeks in an incubator. This is the traditional method of Western Alchemy to produce elixirs as practiced by the Cathars and the Dutch School. This elixir is then pH-adjusted and treated with cold plasma technology for further enhancement, which yields our Mother Tincture. One part of this Mother Tincture is diluted with nine parts of alcohol and water and is succused (vigorously shaken) to produce the Homeopathic Potency 1X. Our formula is alcohol reduced, with only 25% alcohol by volume, and is manufactured in accordance with the Homoeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States in its current edition. Due to the high concentration of our Mother Tincture, the Homeopathic Potency 1X carries more Peridot nano-clusters than it may hold in solution; an edible precipitate of organically bonded Peridot nano-clusters may form over time. We suggest shaking the preparation once before taking..


Use as directed by your health care professional. Standard Dosage recommendation for adults: Seven drops per day under the tongue or in 1 oz of water between meals for one week. Reduce to 3-4 drops per day from week two onwards. In acute cases, up to ten drops may be taken several times per day or until symptoms disappear, but be aware that large dosage levels may induce emotional outbursts.

Discussion of Usage and Properties

Our Peridot elixir is designed to interact directly with your energy bodies. The effect is immediate, as can be demonstrated by the instant change of brain wave patterns once the elixir is taken.[1]

Typical applications as per our in-house provings are:

The Elixir of Peridot is the most potent liver cleanser we offer. Taking Peridot induces cleansing on an emotional and mental level besides the physical release of toxins. It is wise to stay within reasonable dosage levels, since larger dosages may induce emotional outbursts.

Peridot is useful for removing certain viral invaders, as in hepatitis and influenza. If Peridot is used for such purposes, we suggest taking this elixir together with such bitter herbs as dandelion roots, or Swedish Bitters. Peridot will dramatically amplify the efficacy of any herbal preparation that affects the liver and or gallbladder. 

Select References to other Gem Healers’ Findings on Peridot

Please note: We may omit those findings of other Healers that would be a reiteration of indications given above. This section is intended to provide a glance at several additional applications that other Healers have found in their practice; for a complete overview, we encourage you to peruse the referenced books.

“Peridot dissolves oppressive feelings that arise from self-blame and a bad conscience. It helps with stored up anger and fury”, writes Michael Gienger. (Gienger, Michael: Crystal Power, Crystal Healing, London 2002, Cassell & Co., p.344)

The Native American Healer Luc Bourgault Blue Eagle Ousti Catoui writes: "You can use the Peridot to counteract influenza, depression, obesity, constipation, ulcers, diabetes, prostate problems, fear and nightmares, for which it is particularly effective." (Bourgault, Luc Blue Eagle: American Indian Secrets of Crystal Healing, Cippenham, England 1997, quantum, p.47)

Michel Dogna and Marie-Joelle Kraffe state that Peridot works for viral hepatitis, malaria, profound liver toxicity, neuroses accompanied by obsessions and suicidal thoughts. (Dogna, Michel and Kraffe, Marie-Joelle: Elixirs mineraux et Huiles dynamisees, Paris 1988, Guy Tredaniel, p.199)

[1] This statement can be verified in any doctor’s office that is equipped with an electroencephalograph.

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