Welcome to AlchemiaNova. We are manufacturers of
Alchemical Elixirs and Noble Gas Waters in the tradition of Western Laboratory Alchemy.

AlchemiaNova Elixirs

Alchemy Stands for Transformation

Have you ever wondered if there could be something out there that enhances the quality of your life? – Something that increases your energy, promotes longevity and perfect health, and on top of it helps you focus and sharpen your mind so that you start thinking in solutions where others see only problems.

From the priest-healers of ancient Egypt comes an incredible technology that has survived throughout the ages – alchemy. AlchemiaNova’s alchemical elixirs capture the spirit of the miraculous. Safe and effective, they are 100% natural. Each and every one of our elixirs goes to work instantly, and offers numerous side-benefits instead of unwanted side effects. Sound too good to be true?

Well, we invite you to find out for yourself.

How would you like it to go through life without ever having to worry about getting the blues? Why not try the Gem Elixir of Lepidolite instead of some questionable antidepressant. Lepidolite contains the trace element lithium, known to be essential for a balanced mood.

Or are you worried about the flu? Why not fortify your mind, body and spirit with a combination of the Elixirs of Amethyst and Heliotrope? These elixirs have worked for thousands of years for people-in-the-know, and even new designer-viruses have yet to outsmart them.

If you're practicing meditation, you may want to try our Elixir of Monoatomic Gold, which lets you go deeper and longer in your journey to new inner experiences. Also, Monoatomic Gold will reward you with a strengthened immune system and heart.

No matter what your stage in life or condition, you should consider the Rejuvenation Formula if you want to see a difference within days and hear your friends talk about the face-lift you've got. The Rejuvenation Formula is not designed to create an optical illusion, but rather work from within to produce lasting effects. You need to feel it to understand what we mean.

How much does it cost? Less than a dollar a day, due to our streamlined and standardized manufacturing processes. Check out our Products page for a full list of what's available.

Welcome again, and enjoy your stay!